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       Classic Portable Sign Rentals provides Regina and Area the best options for mini billboards & fluorescent lettered sign rentals.  We offer three rental options for signage. All signs can be elevated to a height of 9.5 ft. well above the average parked vehicle.
The first option is the full print as seen in the NOW HIRING First Student Canada example above. It is an industry standard 5 ft X 10 ft print with square corners for depth. For added value there is another 10 square feet of space allowing for a line of letters or arrows at the top of the sign or a phone number at the bottom of the sign beneath the print. This concept is unique in the Regina market. All our competitors use a sign with round corners that are 20% smaller. Print cost is extremely affordable at $70 per full print with a supplied file. If our graphic artistis is needed his fee is generally in the $50 range. This low one time print fee is achievable because we re-use the coroplast.  NOTE** At the end of the rental term Classic Signs retains ownership of the full prints /coroplast.
The second very popular option is a combination of print and letters as seen in the PETERBILT image to the left. The top 2 feet of the sign is a custom print known as a header. The bottom 4 feet our changeable fluorescent letters
The third option is a sign that completely incorporates our fluorescent letters as seen in the Jolly Roger image. These last two rental options include one sign change per month at N/C.
       We offer the brightest letters and prints  Our prints are a vinyl application for longer life. This process is glossier, brighter and more durable than a direct to coroplast print.  We will work with you on your billboard proof to insure it has maximum impact. We also supply a graphic artist if needed and Troy Oddo is the best.  Our signs can be elevated above parked vehicles to the maximum legal height of 10 feet. The same sign can accomadate lettered boards or prints. Your prints can be stored in our library if you wish to incorporate letters for special events or use them seasonally.

 We have many third party rental locations on major high traffic streets away from your location. All are good and some are absolutely great. We quote City of Regina supplied traffic flow numbers. Testimonials are available.  We can not stress enough that our letters are a bright eye catching fluorescent. Our inventory also includes double high 21 inch letters and numbers as seen in the Jolly Roger example. They are perfect for enhancing a promotional price or key word.. 

So contact  Classic Portable Sign Rentals at the supplied prompt above or give us a call. Together we will grow your business !


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